2018-19 Performance Report

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Opened in 1972. Remodeled in 1986.


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Highlights & Plans

Highlights for 2018-19

  • 618 students earned an equivalency in English, Science, Health, PE, Fine Art, or Algebra 2 to reduce the barrier of attending PSSC and still meet graduation requirements.
  • 195 college articulations with 12 local colleges and are process of renewing and creating new articulations.
  • 98 percent retention rate of PSSC and PSHS students of concern through CARE Team intervention, supports, and resources.
  • Our students were awarded over $250,000 in scholarships.
  • Piloted fall Port of Seattle internships - 11 PSSC students from Aerospace Manufacturing and Engineering, Construction, Auto Body, and Fire Services have been hired as interns for the Port’s fall high school Pilot Aviation and Marine Maintenance internship program.
  • 55 students participated in Work Site Learning opportunities. (New WSL rules for Skills Centers impacted participation and funding)
  • Students participated in the following Internships:
    • Translation & Interpretation at local elementary schools
    • Three students accepted into Seattle Children’s Research Institute STEM Summer Internship Program
    • Fashion Design & Marketing retail internships
    • Automotive Technology Burien Nissan and City of Des Moines
    • Outdoor Rec Waskowitz Camp Leaders
  • 678 Industry certificates were earned by students for the following: 
    • HIV, HIPPA, Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • CPR/1st Aid
    • Food Handlers
    • ACF Culinarian Graduate
    • IMS 100 & 200
    • WMI Wilderness 1st Aid
    • USCG Personal Survival Techniques
  • Community Service:
    • Dental Hygiene with local elementary schools
    • Nursing WE Day and Blood Drive
    • IT computer build and donate to local elementary students
    • Construction build of Tiny House for Camp Waskowitz
  • Worksource provided workshops on interviews, 60 second sell, and career exploration with our students to prepare them for the Hiring Fair we had in late May.
  • Our Hiring Fair in May gave our students an opportunity to share resumes, certifications, newly gained skills and participate in a mock interview room with over 35 local companies. The companies included CHI Franciscan Healthcare, Amazon, Port of Seattle, United Way, YMCA, PACE, ANEW, Les Schwab and construction apprenticeships. Many students were hired for summer jobs, internships and apprenticeships.
  • 90 percent pass rate of the Certified Nursing State Exam.
  • High School & Beyond Plan is met by our Portfolio, Golden Ticket, College & Career Planning Fair, Exit Ticket, online assignments, Hiring Fair, Worksource and program specific training.
  • We hosted a College and Career Planning Fair in October. We had over 22 colleges/universities and 25 business partners present to share their career pathway information.
  • Increased focus tours with 9th, 10th, & 11th grade students throughout the year. Including: 
    • Advisory marketing visit
    • Grade level marketing visit
    • Small group tours by grade level or career pathway
  • Hosted an open house for summer school.
  • Established a partnership with the Muckleshoot Tribal School.
  • We continued to expand student support services from the Counselor and Dean for FAFSA, scholarships, career, social, emotional, and academic needs of students and programs.
  • We continued to collect data to track academic and career pathways.
  • 137 students were consistently supported by our CARE team interventions and support resources. This includes students from low to high risk concerns throughout PSSC and PSHS. We also had a 98 percent retention rate of PSSC and PSHS students of concern through CARE team interventions, supports and resources.
  • Decreased the number of students at risk or failing in programs due to attendance and grade tracking, through strengthened accountability, collaboration, and communication with home schools, families, etc. 
  • Saw a consistent decline in low to high risk students academics and attendance concerns tracked from September until June.
  • Consistently improved the number of students of concern receiving credits and equivalencies.
  • NAVOS served 8 students.

Plans for 2019-20

  • Our programs will continue to build articulations with local colleges expanding college credits and industry certifications.
  • Focus on schoolwide literacy, Math assessment, writing for portfolio, technical literacy, English equivalencies, and ELL support structures aligned with our Annual Action Plan.
  • We will work towards increasing our 1st and 2nd year completers by 5 percent from the 2018-19 school year.
  • We will continue to expand student support services from the Counselor and Dean for FAFSA, scholarships, and career, social, emotional, and academic needs of students and programs.
  • Increase internships and apprenticeships for all programs through Career Fair, Hiring Fair, Construction Camp, Port of Seattle, and new business partnerships and opportunities.
  • Continue to collect data to track academic and career pathways.

Invitation to Participate

At Highline Public Schools, one of our four pillars in the district's strategic plan is parent and family engagement. In order to reach our strategic plan goals we will form partnerships with parents and families. Families and community members are encouraged to participate in school activities and in educating students in school, at home and in the community.

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