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New Curricula Coming

New Curricula Coming

On Wednesday, May 15 the Highline School Board approved the adoption of new social studies and math curricula. Students will begin using the new instructional materials in fall 2019. The math curriculum is for kindergarten through 8th grade; the social studies curriculum is for grades 6 through 11. This investment in instructional materials will support teachers with the resources students need--allowing teachers to focus on teaching and spend less time searching for materials.

Math Curriculum Selected:

  • K-5: San Francisco Unified School District Math Core Curriculum
  • 6-8: Open-Up Resources

Why was this curriculum selected?

  • It has resources for families to support their child’s math education in English and Spanish.
  • Aligns with Common Core State Standards in math for each grade level, with support for students who are behind and those who are ahead of grade level.
  • Aligns to our math vision, which is based on research and best practices.
  • Supports diverse learners, including students with IEPs and language learners.
  • Offers Spanish version for Dual Language classrooms
  • Provides a strong foundation for success in high school math, up through calculus and statistics.

Social Studies Curriculum Selected

  • Discovery Social Studies TechBook (Discovery Education) for middle schools
  • ABC-CLIO Solutions (ABC-CLIO, LLC) for high schools
  • Since Time Immemorial (OSPI in partnership with the Federally Recognized Tribes in Washington State)
  • Native Knowledge 360 (Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in partnership with Tribal leadership)
  • Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center)
  • Newsela (Pro Version)

Why was this curriculum selected?

  • Connections to National Standards
  • Supports for special education and language learning
  • Supports culturally-responsive instruction and diverse perspectives of history


The adoption committee included teachers, parents, instructional specialists and paraeducators. While none of the families who applied to be a part of the committee were able to serve due to the time involved, some staff members on the committees are also Highline parents.

The committee met weekly from January through April and held two community meetings to review materials and gather feedback. We invited families, staff and community members to these events. The committee reviewed all feedback from teachers, families, community members and administrators to inform their recommendation.