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PSSC Update - April 3

PSSC Update - April 3

Hello all PSSC families, students and friends!

We wanted to update each of you regarding PSSC and our current status as of April 3, 2020.  As you are aware, our current landscape is a rapidly changing situation and we continue to prioritize the safety of students, staff, and families. The following captures our current status.

By now PSSC instructors have reached out to their respective students to establish effective communication and are in the process of assigning schoolwork to be completed during this school closure.  Students and families are encouraged to email or call (we check voicemails) the PSSC main office or administration if this is has not occurred. PSSC contact phone; 206.631.7300.

In whatever format is determined between a PSSC instructor and their students, advancing learning for second semester will begin on Monday, April 13.


  • It is understood that absences associated with the statewide school closures will in no way impact grade or credit. Attendance prior to the school closure and after our return do count towards our attendance policy.

PSSC grades for second semester

For 3rd quarter, which is scheduled to end on Friday, April 3, PSSC teachers are asked to assign all students either a “P” or “NC” mark (passing or no credit), which indicates each students status at the time of the school closure.   No letter grades are to be assigned at this interim, non-credit-earning point in time.  For PSSC staff, staff should access their individual Synergy account and issue the ‘P’ or ‘NC’ as directed. Our window for staff to enter third quarter “grades” is now through April 17th.  If a student is issued a NC grade, it indicates that there has been a significant issue with attendance and/or submitting work prior to the date that school closed.

Staff are welcome to use Zoom to connect with students during the school closure. Please follow these guidelines when using Zoom for staff-to-student communication: 

  • There must be at least two students participating in a Zoom meeting with a staff member. 
  • When only one student is available to participate in a Zoom meeting with a staff member, an adult at home must be in the video with the student. 
  • At no time should a staff member and student be 1:1 during a Zoom meeting. 
  • Please review Zoom’s guidelines for K-12 schools and districts. 

PSSC Credit

  • Student credit for second semester will determined by student’s participation in classroom assignments before, during, and after this school closure. 

Equivalency credit

  • Students that requested equivalency credit for this school year will not be impacted by this school closure unless additional classroom assignments are a normal part of the requested equivalency. In that case, instructors should provide the required coursework to their students.  Portfolio work will continue during this school closure.
  • Portfolios will still be evaluated. 

PSSC Sponsored Scholarships

  • The due date for all scholarships that are offered through the PSSC Foundation has been extended through Friday, April 24. Completed scholarship applications should be sent to each students PSSC instructor for review to ensure a complete packet. Each instructor will then forward on to PSSC Asst. Director, Dave Estes. Each PSSC instructor has a copy of the application packet.

PSSC Summer School

  • Summer school is still planned for June 29-July 17th.  Student hours 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Registration, either by mail or online at starts Monday, May 4th.  Information is now available on our website and mass mailing to homes is on hold. 

Continue to monitor the website of your home high school for specific information about your district expectations. PSSC will continue to send out information that relates to our school.

Thank you and be safe!