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Student Curbside Pickup Event Information

Student Curbside Pickup Event Information

PSSC/PSHS building opening

It is understood students need to access PSSC/PSHS before the end of the school year. With the rules of social distancing in effect, the following procedures will guide this process. This activity is not an opportunity to socialize but rather to gather personal belongings, pay class fees, check in uniforms and text, etc.

Students and other vehicle occupants may NOT exit their vehicles during this activity.

Vehicles are to be parked with at least one space separating one vehicle from the next. SOCIAL DISTANCING IS TO BE PRACTICED AT ALL TIMES! It will be communicated to students that masks are a requirement in all public spaces in King County at this time. Staff will wear masks at all times.

Two events:

Thursday, June 11th, 9:00 – 1:00 pm

Classes: Auto Body, Construction, Fire & Emergency Services, Translation & Interpretation, Culinary Arts, College IT, Criminal Justice, Marine Tech, Nursing Assistant-Certified

Instructors to designate arrival times to allow for adequate spacing. Example; Students last name A – F, 9 – 10:00 am, etc.


Friday, June 12th, 9:00 - 1:00 pm

Auto Tech, VITAL/PSHS, Outdoor Recreation & Leadership, Animation, Fashion Design & Marketing, Aerospace Manufacturing-Engineering, DigiPen Programming, Biomedical Research & Global Health (use second floor lab), Dental Assisting.

Instructors to designate arrival times to allow for adequate spacing. Example; Students last name A – F, 9 – 10:00 am, etc.


Student personal items:

· It is requested staff work in their respective programs a day or so before the opening to prepare for student pick-up. If issues associated with COVID 19 do not allow, staff are requested to contact PSSC admin. PSSC staff, with custodial assistance, will to the best of their ability, empty lockers and collect any other student belongings and place in plastic bags with labels that identify the student and program The bags will be brought to the front of the school.

· It is understood some student lockers are secured with a student’s personal lock. In those cases, students need to be reminded to bring the key or lock combination with them. PSSC staff will take the keys, open the locker, bag the items, and give to student.

Paying fees, returning items (text, workbooks, uniforms, etc.):

· All this will be handled by PSSC staff at the front entry of PSSC without the student exiting their vehicles. Paying fees transactions will be possible.

It is very important staff communicate with their students exactly what items need to be returned to PSSC and what items will be returned to them during this event in addition to what program fees are outstanding. Graduating seniors that have checked out Chromebooks and/or hotspots should be reminded to return the devices during their visit.

Students that are not graduating; collecting computers and/or hotspots

will not be a part of this activity.

HPS Computer Services will be collecting these items in September.

This info will be posted on our website and will be distributed via robocall and mass email with each instructor also being asked to use their classroom communication process.

In addition, several other school year completion reminders for instructional staff:

· Turn in advisory committee Minutes (three meetings)

o Conditional certificated staff-advisory committee support statement included in Minutes of one meeting.

· Turn in instructor check-out form (not due until June 30th)

· Finalize clock hour sign-in sheet and evaluations. Applies to both certificated and classified staff.

· PSSC instructors sign next year acceptance l