Aerospace Manufacturing/Engineering

About the Program

Students will have hands-on training in drafting, print reading, drill and fill (rivet installation), material science, shop tools, standard manufacturing operating procedures, precision measuring, physics, manufacturing math, and basic electricity during their 1st year. 2nd year students will further develop their skills and will design, build, and fly a remote controlled plane as a culminating project.

Approved Equivalency Credits:  1.0 English (.5 Core+ curriculum/.5 portfolio), 1.0 Geometry (third year math), OR .5 or 1.0 AP or Standard Fine Arts, 1.0 material science

Meet the Instructor

Russ Littleton

Instructor: Russ Littleton

Phone: 206-631-7313


I am looking forward to showing you my passion for design and Aerospace Manufacturing/Engineering.