About the Program

This is a perfect opportunity to start preparing for a future career in Animation. It includes developing an artist's eye, classical hand drawing skill sets, a digital artist's portfolio, animating short segments in flip books and eventually as video clips drawn on a Wacom Intuos tablet. The elements and principles of design are established and explored. Also, the 12 principles of animation are critical to create stunning, audience involvement from the teachings of the masters at Disney studios in the late 1920's. 

Come and immerse yourself in drawing for the countless careers ahead in this field. 

Approved Equivalency Credit: 0.5 English, 0.5 OR 1.0 AP or Standard Fine Arts 

Meet the Instructor

Edward Etherington 

Phone: 206-631-7343 


The Animation program is a combination of drawing & sketching with pencil and paper, elements and principles of art, use of Wacom Intuos Pro table and animation through software. 

Whether it is working with students on the skills for perspective, drawing humans, animals, comics, character 3 views, different topics, logos, each day presents new challenges and great opportunities to assist students in this fast-growing field. Review and implementation of both the elements and principles of art plus the twelve principles of animation. Guest speakers from post-secondary and the industry help explain next steps for students.

I look forward to meeting you!