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Puget Sound Skills Center
18010 8th Avenue South Burien, WA 98148

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About the Program

This is a perfect opportunity to start preparing for a future career in Animation. It includes developing an artist's eye, classical hand drawing skill sets, mark making, value/shading, structure & gesture drawing, anatomy, a digital artist's online portfolio, animating short clips in Adobe CC Animate, Character Animator & Photoshop. The elements and principles of design are established and explored. Video clips created on a Wacom Intuos tablet with multiple tracks including sound. Also, the 12 Principles of Animation are critical to create stunning work, and  audience involvement from the teachings of the masters at Disney studios in the late 1920's. 

Come and immerse yourself in drawing for the countless careers ahead in this field; animator, illustrator, gaming design with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), storyboard artist and graphic artist to name a few.

Approved Equivalency Credit: 0.5 English, 0.5 OR 1.0 AP or Standard Fine Arts 

College Credits: Highline College -- 11 credits

Online Equivalency Process 2020-21

· If as a Parent or Student you think Equivalencies are something you need please copy and send to your counselor
- Home school counselor signs, saves, and sends to parent and student
· Student and Parent sign form, save, and send to PSSC instructor
· PSSC instructors collect all online equivalencies they have received from parent/student
· Instructors print, sign, and give to PSSC Registrar for filing

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