Automotive Technology

About the Program

There is a huge demand for a well-qualified automotive technician. Cars in today’s world require massive amount of computer and mechanical knowledge.

At PSSC you will learn both. A two part program of hands on application on actual cars, and in-class theory application will prepare you to be ableto work on the hi-tech cars that are in today’s market.

Approved Equivalency Credits: 0.5 English, 0.5 Physical Science (after 2 years in program)

Meet the Instructor

Doug McCoy


Instructor: Doug McCoy

Phone: 206-631-7312


I have always been passionate about cars, or mechanical moving things in general. When I got out of high school I had no real idea of what I wanted to do so I ended up joining the Army and became an infantryman.  Upon leaving the Army, I enrolled in college and began my general studies. I failed just about every class that year.

It was through the encouragement of my friends to go and pursue my passion for cars and enroll in the automotive technician program at the community college. I went from failing every class to getting straight A’s, and graduating 3rd in my class.  Upon graduation I went on to work for Nissan, Honda, and Subaru. I am still just as passionate about cars today as I was as a little kid. But now I get to help others pursue their passion, and get an early start on their careers. I have gone back to school and gotten my bachelors, and masters, but I still love working within the automotive industry and this is where my passion lies.