Marine Science Technology

About the Program

Skilled Marine and Environmental professionals are in high demand! The Marine Science Technology program combines practical skills such as seamanship, navigation and marine safety. Students work closely with professionals from the Seattle Aquarium and all students receive a pass that allows them to visit the aquarium whenever they wish. If you are interested in studying the ocean and marine life in high school this program is for you.

Approved Equivalency Credit: 0.5 English, 1.0 Marine Science

Meet the Instructor

Joe Weiss

Instructor: Joe Weiss

Phone: 206-433-2107


Mr. Weiss was an Alaska commercial salmon fisherman for 20 years; 13 years as the owner & skipper of his own 58-foot vessel. He has scientific experience as a consultant to The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Burien involving beach sediment analysis.