Nursing Assistant - Certified

About the Program

This year long program delivers a Washington State approved curriculum allowing graduates to qualify for the Nursing Assistant Certification examination. Many colleges require this certification coursework as a prerequisite into their Allied Health programs. Students will learn fundamentals of patient care, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and explore various career pathway opportunities in healthcare. Students will obtain further hands-on experience with patient care at a variety of clinical settings including local long-term care facilities.

Approved Equivalency Credit: 0.5 English, 0.5 Health, 0.5 Science

Meet the Instructor

Jane Judd

Instructor: Jane Judd, LPN

Phone: 206-631-7368


I started my medical career in research for Alzheimer’s’ disease with the University of WA. I found a passion, working with the elderly. They have a wealth of information to share and often times are forgotten. As the primary instructor for the NAC program, my goal is to have every student share their passion for caregiving and helping others. In this program we cover fundamentals of caregiving, cultural diversity, understanding body systems and exploring various careers in the medical field. We are involved in HOSA competitions and other community service events. I love teaching and the students always amaze me with their grasp of understanding and energetic minds. Every year is different and every student leaves this program with something more in their heart and soul than when they started.

Wendy Hall

Instructor: Wendy Hall, RN 

Phone: 206-631-7367