Translation & Interpretation

About the Program

If you have native fluency in a language other than English and enjoy helping people understand one another, then you may have what it takes for a career using your heritage language. The Fundamentals of Translation & Interpretation will teach you the skills necessary to meet the growing need for Interpretation services in business and the community. Learn from professional interpreters in the industry. Internships provide students opportunities to practice their skills in real situations.

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Approved Equivalency Credit: 0.5 English

Meet the Instructor

Betsy Ainsworth-Grimm

Instructor: Betsy Ainsworth-Grimm

Phone: 206-631-7318


I was born in the Midwest and moved west as soon as I could, at 18.  I was an Educational Interpreter for 17 years and a ReadRight Tutor as well, before becoming a teacher.  I taught Social Studies and Language Arts at Tyee High School before coming to PSSC.  I have taught at Ballard High School in Seattle, at Highline High School in Burien, and have substituted at various schools in the Highline District.  But PSSC is unique.

I love this school because our students choose to come here.

I love teaching interpreting skills to bilingual students and opening their eyes to the career possibilities that fluency in a second language can bring. 

I love the cultural mix in my classroom because although the class is taught in English, students work into their different heritage languages, usually 2 or 3 languages in each class.

The T&I Program is the first and one of only a few teaching interpreting skills to high school students in the US.  I am proud to be a part of it.

Speak Your Language

Students’ language skills, when fully developed, hold great capacity.  One career opportunity for bilingual students to pursue is professional interpretation. Check out the videos below to learn more.

Court Interpreter

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Immigrant Counselor

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Mayor and Police Sergeant

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Freelance Translator

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In-House Translator

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Nonprofit Program Manager

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