Vocational Instruction through Applied Learning (VITAL)

About the Program

VITAL is a credit recovery program for students who are passionate about the career they have discovered at PSSC. Our students may not have earned the credits needed in their first few years of high school, but at PSSC they discovered their passion and are focused on graduation. We offer the academic classes needed to graduate at an accelerated rate and design a graduation for each and every student. If you are a student who is a junior or senior, behind in credits, and successful in your PSSC career and technical education course, see your homeschool counselor or PSSC instructor for an application.

Meet the Instructors

Katelyn Asare

Lead Instructor: Katelyn Asare (Math/Science)

Phone: 206-631-7324

Email: katelyn.asare@highlineschools.org

Laura Lee-Walrond – Language Arts/Social Studies

Tim Hall – Science/ Outdoor Recreational Leadership

Tim Hall

Tim Hall

Instructor: Tim Hall

Phone: 206-631-7302

Email:  tim.hall@highlineschools.org

Laura Lee Walrond

Instructor: Laura Lee Walrond

Phone: 206-631-7334

Email:  laura.leewalrond@highlineschools.org